26 Ekim 2016 Çarşamba

Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016

Finally I have presented (almost) all my works. It was a great pleasure to be part of Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016. Search #vdb16 in twitter and instagram to see what happened there.
We went there 4 colleagues from Peak Games
It was started with arrival of our flight. Dimitri was waiting for us, he is one of the actual organisers. He is so nice and funny guy, we had great times with him during the event. And actually he has been to Turkiye multiple times, and seen some of uncommon places for a tourist like Diyarbakir, Nemrut Mountain etc...

We had one day off before the event to have some sightseeing and to taste some traditional Serbian cuisine. I think one or two days are quite enough to know the Belgrade. Of course it is based on our performance on the first day. Thanks to Selim, we have done 30K steps in total. And went almost every location by walk. Then we learnt that there is 5 days bus ticket (for 1040 Dinars around 10 Euros), use that ticket and public busses for the rest of the days.

By the way, in general foods and drinks (with alcohol or not) is very very cheap, and the taste is quite similar to Turkish style. I strongly suggest to make a trip to Belgrade, especially if you consider that we (Turkish citizens) don't need visa for Serbia.

Let's come to the event. The opening with the music of Tesla Coil and a very big Gong was fantastic. And also keynote was very successful by Scott. Organisation was flawless. Overall talks were fine I guess, and sponsors prepared some great games, presents and stands. So overall it was a fantastic event. I have tried to attend as much talks as I can in the first day. For the first night, we went to Historical Museum of Serbia as speakers. Which was also very inspiring, I strongly suggest for the ones who visits Belgrade.

Second day my mind was full of my talk, so I have spend most of the time in the speakers room to get prepared on my talk. I could attend only some of the talks, but of course I didn't miss any of these delicious food :)  Second night we went to Nikola Tesla Museum as speakers. It was nice, but not like the Historical Museum. If you have one choice between these two museums I would suggest the former one.

After museum, I spent all night to get prepared for my talk. So finally the time had came and I did it. Here it is my talk, I didn't watch yet but I think I am happy with the result. It could have been better of course. But I think, I am getting better with every new presentation/talk :)

So as you might know, the talk was about Unity in general, specifically about these topics. You can find all the subjects and more here inside of this blog:
And this is my presentation stack, please take a look and leave your questions/comments.

Finally, I admit that it was not a big deal, but still it was not that easy for me. Especially from the language point of view, it is quite challenging to have a talk in a non-native language. So as a result I am happy about what I have done. I want to thank to my colleagues at Peak Games and also to my wife and my little ones Sarp and Atlas for their supports.

Please feel free to contact me about anything you wonder. Hope to be around with this blog couple of times in a month. Let's see...